Our Creations

★ Cheese Cap Golden Oolong / Green Tea

★ Hokkaido Milk Cap Oolong / Green Tea

★ Black Sugar Konjac Jelly Milk Tea

★ Roasted Oolong Milk Tea

★ Cheese Cap Milk Tea

★ Cheese Cap Matcha

Chocolate Oreo Fresh Milk

Fragrant Taro Milk

Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea

★ Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Crème Brulee Milk

★ Brown Sugar Boba Wintermelon Milk

★ Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Milk

Brown Sugar Boba Taro Milk

★ Brown Sugar Boba Oreo Milk

Brown Sugar Konjac Jelly Milk

Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Latte

Milk Tea

Bubble Milk Tea

★ Golden Oolong Milk Tea

★ Light Oolong Milk Tea

★ Salted-Caramel Milk Tea

★ Hazelnut Milk Tea

Honey Milk Tea

Green Tea Milk

Chocolate Milk Tea

Grass Jelly Milk Tea

★ Hokkaido Milk / Cheese Cap Mango

★ Supreme Fruit Burst Green / Red Tea

Ruby Grapefruit Yakult

Fresh Passionfruit / Lemon Yakult

Supreme Mango Green Tea

★ Lemon Lime Green Tea with Plum

★ Passionfruit Green Tea

Honey Green Tea

Golden Oolong Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

Kongfu Black Tea

★ Matcha Strawberry Latte

★ Matcha Latte

Golden Oolong Latte

Red Tea Latte

★ Brown Sugar Pearl

★ Honey Crystal Pearl

★ Black Jelly Pearl

★ White Jelly Pearl

★ Matcha Jelly Pearl

Roasted Walnut Bits

Aiyu Jelly

Grass Jelly

Coconut Jelly

Black Sugar Konjac

Oreo Bits

Aloe Vera Cubes

Passionfruit Pop Boba

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Bober Tea Bishan

200 Bishan Road
Singapore 579827

Located at Bishan MRT Station
(Next to 7-11)

Contact Number: 62620407

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